3 Surprising Advantages of Calling a Salvage Yard for Your Old Car


When you have an old car that is beyond repair, a choice you might consider is to call a salvage yard to have them pick it up. Usually they will send a tow truck to collect your car and even give you a small amount of money for it. Why is this a good choice and why should any car owner think of using a salvage yard when they have a car that doesn't work any longer? Note the following.

1. It's eco-friendly

Keeping even natural materials like metal out of landfills is very good for the environment, as these materials may take decades to break down and degrade. Keeping scrap metal and other such items out of landfills also opens up that space for items that cannot be recycled, so fewer landfills need to be dug over time.

Harvesting virgin materials for car frames and bodies is also very disturbing to the environment, as iron ore needs to be collected to make the steel used in most cars. This iron ore then needs to be smelted in order for steel to be made, and this process creates pollution. By encouraging the use of scrap metal or recycled metal for new cars or for car repairs, you help reduce the need for harvesting and treating these virgin materials.

2. It creates local jobs

Recycling scrap metal and other such materials is very labor-intensive, so that you actually help to create local jobs when you support this industry. Breaking down an old car and harvesting its workable parts along with cutting and recycling the scrap metal are not things that can be done by computers or in a remote location. When you have a local salvage yard pick up your car for recycling, you are then supporting your own local economy and creating jobs in your area.

3. It keeps prices of new materials low

When a new car manufacturer or car repair shop can get scrap metal for less money than new material, this forces those suppliers of new materials to keep their prices competitive. When a salvage yard sells recycled parts for much less than a new auto parts store, that store needs to lower their prices or risk losing customers.

Using scrap metal for repairs on a car can also mean that a repair shop can keep their prices lower for the service they offer as well. None of this will be done if car owners don't support salvage yards in having their old cars picked up so they can be used for recycled parts and scrap metal.

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13 May 2015

Recycling in Remote Areas: Ideas, Advocacy and Education

Hi, my name is Christine. About a year ago, I left the city and moved to a remote corner of Australia. I noticed that while surrounded by natural beauty and peace, I was missing several amenities, and one of these was access to recycling. As a result, I started figuring out ways to expand recycling in remote areas. I also started researching how to advocate for bringing it to these areas and educating citizens about the importance of how it helps. If you want to learn about recycling, what it does, and why it can be hard to find in some areas, you need to explore my blog. Enjoy reading!