The Hidden Value of Your Scrap Metal: A Quickfire Guide


Everyone knows that they should recycle: environmental consciousness is at an all-time high, and yet it can still seem like a chore when it comes time to dispose of your old goods. In addition to the hassle of finding out what goes where, some manufacturers may actually charge you for recycling certain electrical goods such as printers and copiers. You may be surprised to learn, then, that many of the items you may be tempted to take along to the local rubbish dump might actually be worth a few dollars in your pocket: good for you, and good for the environment. Read on for a quick outline of what you might want to salvage from the skip!

Old/faulty car parts

Just because a car is a write-off for the road doesn't mean that it's a write-off for your finances: cars, boats and motorcycles are great sources of scrap iron, steel and aluminium. Engine blocks, exhaust pipes, bonnets, doors and even whole cars are bought up by scrap buyers for the recycling value of these metals, so avoid simply throwing these away: your wallet and your environment will both be grateful for it.

Kitchen equipment

If your fridge, freezer, washing machine or microwave has reached the end of its life, the temptation is often to simply give the council a call and arrange for an uplift. Before you do this, however, consider getting in touch with your local scrap metal recycling centre. White goods are a great source of recyclable steel, with older units tending to be heavier, translating to greater scrap value, so don't throw them out: recycle your white goods and put the money towards something shiny and new.

Household goods

The list is practically endless as to what you can trade in for scrap metal from your home: old radiators, stainless steel sinks, household safes, iron gates or fences can all be traded in for cash; the only rule is 'the heavier the better!' Faulty rowing machines, exercise bikes, cutlery, pots and pans can all add up to a tidy sum of money, and all the while as you gather up your items for recycling you can take satisfaction in finally managing with that big clearout that you've been putting off for so long.

Scrap metal prices are naturally prone to fluctuate, and will vary by region and buyer; however, by researching the basic standard value of your metals online today through independent scrap metal websites, you  can ensure that you are getting a good deal for the scrap you exchange. Gather up as much as you can, and you may be surprised at your reward.


19 May 2016

Recycling in Remote Areas: Ideas, Advocacy and Education

Hi, my name is Christine. About a year ago, I left the city and moved to a remote corner of Australia. I noticed that while surrounded by natural beauty and peace, I was missing several amenities, and one of these was access to recycling. As a result, I started figuring out ways to expand recycling in remote areas. I also started researching how to advocate for bringing it to these areas and educating citizens about the importance of how it helps. If you want to learn about recycling, what it does, and why it can be hard to find in some areas, you need to explore my blog. Enjoy reading!