Tips for turning your backyard equipment into scrap metal


When working on your backyard, you may rely on lawnmowers, rakes, reapers, ploughing engines and other similar machinery to get the job done. And when such tools become old and damaged, you can get value for them by turning them into scrap metal.

Indeed, many farmers and property owners may think that an old lawn mower is a nuisance that takes up space in the barn. However, these machines contain valuable scrap metal components that you can sell for some money back in your pocket.

Backyard equipment is a scrap metal goldmine in many different ways. But how can you begin to monetise this 'gold'?

1. Gather your machines in one location

If your barn looks like a warzone, this is the time to dig out that old reaper, lawnmower and rake from many years ago. Your goal is to collect these machines, keep them in one location and develop a plan for reaping as much scrap as possible. Old and heavy yard equipment will have more scrap that you can extract and sell.

Therefore, you might find that tools from decades ago will give you more value than many of the modern, lighter and more efficient designs in the market.   

2. Remove functional components

Before you can begin extracting scrap metal, you should try and salvage as many useful components as possible. From tyres to handlebars, rubber and plastic, these useful parts can be recycled for use in many other ways.

If you don't have the expertise to break down your machine, consider calling a contractor to help you with this process. Your goal should be to derive as much value from your old machines as possible.

3. Consider how much they weigh

Scrap metal is typically sold by weight. Once your machines are ready to be sold, prioritise the ones that weigh more in bare metal. Older farm equipment such as harrows, threshing machines and reapers contain lots of metallic components that you can sell to get some money back in your pocket.

Prioritise your old and heavy machinery, which most likely contains the barest metal. 

4. Contact a scrap metal company

Finally, you need a purchasing partner that will offer competitive rates for your scrap. Look for scrap metal contractors who will carefully evaluate your machines, identify as many usable components as possible and offer a competitive quote. Other companies will also haul away damaged machinery from your farm, getting rid of clutter that may be consuming your barn. 


22 July 2019

Recycling in Remote Areas: Ideas, Advocacy and Education

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