The Hidden Value of Your Scrap Metal: A Quickfire Guide


Everyone knows that they should recycle: environmental consciousness is at an all-time high, and yet it can still seem like a chore when it comes time to dispose of your old goods. In addition to the hassle of finding out what goes where, some manufacturers may actually charge you for recycling certain electrical goods such as printers and copiers. You may be surprised to learn, then, that many of the items you may be tempted to take along to the local rubbish dump might actually be worth a few dollars in your pocket: good for you, and good for the environment.

19 May 2016

Four Fun and Easy Scrap Metal Repurposing Projects to Do With Your Kid


Scrap metal is super useful. You can sell it to a scrap metal recycling center, you can melt it into metal ingots for crafting projects or you can repurpose metal into fun objects. Have a kid who loves to craft? Then, grab some old metal and try one of these fun and easy-enough-for-kids projects: 1. Wind Chimes Some old metal cutlery and a tin jug are all you need to make a fun wind chime with your child.

1 June 2015

Ways to Make Money By Recycling


Recycling is an excellent method to make a bit of extra money. If you get serious about making money from recycling, you could easily make a decent regular income. Recycling isn't just about sorting cardboard, glass and other recyclables from your trash; it's about giving new life to things that might otherwise end up at the rubbish dump. Here are some ways you could start making money by recycling. Recycle Your Old Clothes

21 May 2015

3 Surprising Advantages of Calling a Salvage Yard for Your Old Car


When you have an old car that is beyond repair, a choice you might consider is to call a salvage yard to have them pick it up. Usually they will send a tow truck to collect your car and even give you a small amount of money for it. Why is this a good choice and why should any car owner think of using a salvage yard when they have a car that doesn't work any longer?

13 May 2015